Creative Programming

“Software development is a kissing cousin of engineering (if not an engineering discipline itself), and blends creativity with math and science. That’s why I find that a lot of advice to creative types is also applicable to software developers.” –¬†Joey deVilla Creativity is something which we generally do not relate […]

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Grails Developers

Grails Developers are the ones who all helped in making the open source web application framework Grails a reality. This was known as “Groovy on Rails” previously.What were the Grails developers trying to accomplish here though? Well Grails was developed with a quite a number of things in mind. Some […]

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Trends and Practices in Silverlight Development With Silverlight Developers

Microsoft Silverlight is a cross-platform, cross-browser client framework that facilitates the creation of RIA (Rich Internet Application). It is an effective development platform for Rich Media application and also for creating applications for websites, desktop as well as mobile devices, especially smartphones. Silverlight, like Adobe Flash, is a free plug-in […]

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Globally Technology

Globally technology gets you goin.

Thursday, Feb 2, 2023