In this post you will discover not one but two techniques to be able to utilize while practicing as the Protoss race in Starcraft two, which i assume can dramatically improve your Starcraft 2 Protoss Strategies.

Protoss is the most scientifically highly developed race within Starcraft 2. Simply by pairing a few of the units in the Protoss race you can make the best military in the online game. There’s not lots of things even more scary than a navy of void rays as well as carriers along with guidance from a mother ship. Listed below is the actual Starcraft 2 Protoss strategy typically put into use by the number one ranked web based gamer, as well as another that a lot of folks benefit from.

Fast Colossus

With a bit of time performing as the Protoss, it is easy to realize that there aren’t many units much more devastating as opposed to a colossus. It could clean the ground with pretty much any terrain unit. The most beneficial method includes using a zealot wall to close incoming hostiles together with several stalkers and also sentries, together with the colossus being back and taking advantage of the beam of light to kill anything in sight. With a little micro, you’re able to position the colossus far removed from harms way, while still inflicting maximum ruin.

Cannon Rush

One more powerful Starcraft 2 Protoss strategy is the cannon rush. Using this method is only going to do the trick while combating someone playing the Protoss or even Terran. The Zerg gamers will probably very easily ruin any cannons you have with the help of Zerglings. The main aspect here is to obtain your pylons right up rapidly so that you can move forward with the cannons inside the adversary base. A couple of cannons will definitely be essential, as one will certainly just be beaten by the opposing players harvester. You actually could make use of little zealot rushes whilst doing the job on this to be able to maintain the adversary away of your cannons.

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