If you’re looking for a good Starcraft 2 1v1 guide that you can use to get really good at 1v1, then I have a few tips below that should help you out. Let’s get into it and learn how you can begin to dominate in 1v1 games.

Scouting is The Key – It Shows What You Should Do

When you don’t scout during a game, you are basically playing “blind.” What this means is… You won’t know what your opponent is doing. Are they rushing? Are they bunkering down? Are they expanding? These are all questions that you should know if you intend on being good at 1v1 games. Also, how do you know what you’re going to do if you don’t know where they are vulnerable? Scouting shows you areas that you can exploit, so you know whether you should attack, boom with expansions, or just “wait it out” until you see them developing something

Rush to Take Control

There are different times for different kinds of rushes, but an early rush in any game can pretty much guarantee that you “control” the game. Having the control and the initiative of the game is really important psychologically, and should help you get ahead with the resources. If you can send in some attacks which cause them to neglect their resource gathering, then you could get ahead and expand a bit faster while leaving them scared and tentative, since they don’t know whether you’re going to rush again.

Micromanagement Wins Games

The most important “technique” that I could share in this Starcraft 2 1v1 guide is something called micromanagement. It’s basically when you use certain units for different things on a very one-on-one basis. If you see one of your units are low health, you pull them away while letting the pack go in first. This will help to keep units that are low alive, and you can heal them up later or juts use them for something different (like scouting, etc.)

Micromanagement is the sole reason that some “close” games turn one way or another – when your armies are almost even, micromanagement is supreme.

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Thursday, Feb 2, 2023