Within any Protoss versus Protoss match, the technique can show you how to easily be producing ground units from Gateways and Robotics Facilities, so by using this method you can usually incapacitate the defender. In the event you constantly finding Colossus rushing or 4 Gate rushing then this information is definitely for you.

This specific build order will be different slightly among the common Protoss builds. Rather than ending up with a Robotics Facility or numerous Gateways, you will need a Stargate right whenever your Cybernetics Core is done warping in. After that warp an additional Gateway in and produce units from those for security.

The moment your Gateway is finished, begin producing Phoenixs. Right when the very first one is available, go towards the defender’s base. The Phoenix are excellent scouts being that they are so quick and also have shields. You are able to fly above all of your opponent’s base, receive a few shots and escape prior to any kind of actual harm is achieved to a Phoenix. Use the scout phoenix to investigate a serious beneficial view of what the other guy is perfectly able to do.

When the 2nd and 3rd Phoenix arrives fly above his mineral line and begin raising his Probes using Graviton Beam and start destroying them. Focus on those harvesting gas to start with, countless players will probably neglect to replace Probes on the gas or slip-up and set an unnecessary amount. Escape as soon as Stalkers shell out a couple of attacks.

Make sure to view the Xel’Naga towers and preserve a scout Probe beyond the other person’s base. You may notice them begin to re-locate, fly along with the Phoenix(s) and begin wrecking their Probes all over again. This makes them possibly return to get your Phoenix’s or continue and endure the damages. In either case this provides you with a tremendous advantage.

Should they continue to keep approaching, fly your Phoenix into your base to assist preventing the assault. In the event that they have Colossus focus on all of them earliest using your Phoenix. Otherwise, begin raising the Zealots that can get near to your units and remove them (Phoenix cause additional damage to light units). This tends to uncover their Stalkers to get assaulted by your army.

This kind of Protoss vs Protoss method is fairly micro involved, so you should definitely train quite a bit with Phoenix to achieve the raising and controlling strategy. The build is not as reliable at the disposal of a beginner competitor, but an experienced gamer will use this tactic to significantly irritate his Protoss enemies and obtain success.

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