Frequently when trying to play Terran soon after you send your very first SCV to scout you simply will not be capable of getting an additional unit in to the opponents base to determine exactly what they will be constructing, which means that your tied to a common rational choice which is to Scanner Sweep, or is it?! This is actually the very last thing it is advisable to do earlier on in the match since making use of your M.U.L.E. is one is the most essential abilities considering that the M.U.L.E. provides close to 300 minerals per usage.

Now the most important part when wanting to see the other players base mid-game would be to construct a barracks within close proximity of their base after which take flight above their base to investigate. Barracks will only cost you 150 minerals so you can find yourself conserving 150 minerals by never scanning plus a barracks offers quite a bit of health points that allows you to hover it above their base for an extended period of time prior to them destroying this situation.

Whenever you construct your scouting Barracks you would like to construct it on the side of the cliff of their base using an area wherever they’re not going to scout or notice right up until it’s constructed, despite the fact that you need to make it exactly where it’s going to have the fastest way inside their base so that it has no need to travel quite a distance to expose their plans.

As soon as the Barracks is finished you should Lift Off and send it above their base to determine what units they’ve got and exactly what structures they’ve got in order to counter no matter what build order they choose to implement. Frequently they’re going to have a couple of anti air units even though it certainly won’t be good enough to destroy the Barracks. Once you have scouted their base and received any of the details you require then drift the Barracks away from their base and secure it with a cliff not far from where you could utilize it later in the match.

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