What exactly are the Zerg’s finest units when planning on taking down marines or marauders, what about stalkers or zealots or perhaps the immortal. This article will highlight what Zerg units to make so that you can counter whatever your challenger can toss your way.

Trying to play versus Terran: Whenever performing versus an excellent Terran player you need to prepare yourself to shift the units you are utilizing immediately. The important thing to know about conquering decent Terran players is by using the proper units at the proper time. The Following information is the key units that most Terran gamers will attempt to play and the Zerg units that are the most effective against them.

Vs. Marines and Marauders – you want to go with metabolic boosted speedlings and banelings.

Vs. Siege Tanks and Thors – Precisely why you should mutate infestors and utilize the neural parasite in order to mind control the heavy artiliry against themselves.

Vs. Banshees and Vikings – Mutate hydralisks and corruptors as this really is zergs only solution to anti-air.

Trying to play versus Protoss: Whenever performing versus a Protoss player you must always scout and be aware of the colossus on its way and stay prepared whenever it turns up. The colossus can cause damage to a Zerg player if you are not completely ready. Here I’ve incorporated the key units that most Protoss gamers attempt to utilize and the Zerg units that are the most effective against them.

Vs. Zealots and Stalkers – Mutate speedlings and banelings, roaches and hydralisks will even work.

Vs. Immortals – The true secret to beating an immortal is hands down a speedling assault.

Vs. Colossus – Choose to acquire infestors or corruptors try not to attack the colossus with any zerg ground units, as you will have wasted your time, efforts, and resources.

Should you stick to these pointers you should have absolutely no difficulty getting a great Protoss or Terran player to give that long awaited “gg”.

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Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023