The developments in our digital world still astound me, the fact that you are now able to track your friends’ movements as they make them live on their phones is unbelievable! The internet is now getting faster, and smaller, with most websites now being available on a mobile, even when you are on the tube! I feel like I am showing my age by my awe of this technology, but it is just astounding!

Something I have noticed with the development of the internet in particular, is improvements in website design. Of course, a company’s website is the image of their brand that they want a viewer to buy from. It is the online representation of that company, and really, it’s their only chance to impress you on a computer screen. It is just like how a shops layout, atmosphere, and aesthetics are all vital in welcoming people in, ensuring that they stay and have a look around, and making what it is they are looking for is easily accessible. Abercrombie & Fitch had the right idea, in their shops they had half-naked men on the door, and on their website!

Some websites were only designed to hold necessary information and not much else, like council or government websites, for instance. As these are not profitable it is not about capturing people’s attention and drawing them in, in most cases they will be searched for in order to find general information. Even then I have found that if I go onto a website purely for information and it is not very well designed, I am much less likely to trust what information is on there and I find myself going back to the search bar to see if I can find a more official looking site. So it seems that the pros have it right, spending the money and time on making your website look professional ensures that you are more likely to engage more people. Many of these kinds of websites are also taking to Twitter, to make the information even more accessible!

With such high standards of website design that we are becoming used to, the world of internet has become a whole different level of brand management, in all areas too. Even healthcare website design, where it is purely for informative and advisory purposes, is not just about the website anymore; many include app designs and digital marketing and blog posts and all sorts! Since March, I have been able to book my doctors’ appointments on my mobile, from an app! And on this I can see all my past appointments as well as any prescriptions I have had in the past; it is like a mini receptionist in my bag. It seems that many website designers in the medical industry now need to have medical knowledge too, in order to really understand the audience they are working to please.

The internet really is another world, and sometimes it seems better! Builders and accountants in hospitals do not necessarily have a medical background and they don’t seem to need one just dealing with numbers and finances, or construction and foundations. But online now everyone needs to know a bit more about what they are talking about, which I think is great!

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Saturday, Feb 4, 2023