There’s no doubt that in this information age, one of the biggest (if not the biggest) fields is Information Technology or IT. Despite the sluggish economy of many countries, this industry continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The reason for this is quite obvious: many of the conveniences we enjoy when performing our tasks are either direct or indirect results of IT jobs. This is why, these days, you’ll find a lot of students enrolling in an IT course.

Many graduates of IT courses find lucrative jobs waiting for them right after they graduate from college. Here are some of the most in-demand IT jobs out there:

Software engineer – There are some who confuse and inadvertently interchange the terms ‘programmer’ and ‘software engineer.’ They’re actually different disciplines. A programmer, as the term itself suggests, creates codes to make a program run. On the other hand, a software engineer applies software engineering principles to the design, development, maintenance, evaluation, and testing of software and systems.

Systems engineer – Systems engineering involves multiple disciplines of engineering whose aim is to design and manage complex engineering projects. A systems engineer deals with processes and tools to manage risks on projects and has to be adept at various other disciplines like control engineering, organizational studies and project management, among others.

Java developer – Java is a computer programming language that’s intended to ‘write once, run anywhere,’ which is also known by its acronym ‘WORA.’ Java developers create and support internet-based applications, web services and interfaces.

Web developer – Specializing in the development of applications for the World Wide Web, a web developer can be found in all types of organizations, whether government or large private corporations, even small and medium-sized companies. You’re reading this article now as one of the end results of web development.

Systems administrator – Also known as a ‘sysadmin,’ this IT professional is responsible for the upkeep, configuration and reliable operation of computer systems. He installs, maintains, and provides support to an organization’s IT systems. This includes, among others, testing system components to ensure their integrity.

Network engineer – Sometimes called network architects, network engineers design and implement computer networks. Not to be confused with network administrators, who provide day-to-day support, network engineers focus on high-level design and planning.

These are just some of the IT jobs are very much in demand these days, and the list is by no means complete. If you want both a challenging and very rewarding career, you can be assured that getting into an IT job will give you just that.

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Saturday, Feb 4, 2023