In the world of gadgets, there can be high level categories. The categories would include necessary electronics, entertainment, connectivity, etc. Across all these categories, there are a few names that stand out as either popular or most reliable names. These names are Philips, Sony, Apple, Samsung, LG, etc.

Turn your focus onto the entertainment first. What are the names that come to your mind when the discussion is on television? Sony Bravia series, Philips PFL series, are some of them. In television, there are a variety of specifications – LCD, LED, Smart Television, etc. The difference between LCD & LED is the most looked for keyword on the top 2 search engines over the last 8 months. The reason being, everyone wants to opt for LED. However, in terms of durability and reliability for long term, LCD is still the preferred one, especially if you intend to use the television for gaming, etc.

Moving on to connectivity – the most happening gadgets in this category would be the mobile phones and tablets. This has been a volatile category with new models coming in almost every week! This market has everyone in it – from the small players, to the old players to the big players, all of them offering some really competitive features. The features are so many that presently, the consumers are lost for a choice to make. The top 3 brands here are the Samsung, Nokia and Apple products. Samsung is known for its quick turnaround in coming up with models offering the latest features that other competitors launch first. Add to this, the competitive pricing they offer for the products. Nokia has long been known for its durability and reliability. Add to this the new range they are coming up with, in terms of basic phones with good connectivity feature. Apple products are always known for their finesse in their product, with sophistication and brand value.

Necessary commodities in the present day include Washing machines, laptops, microwave ovens, etc. Washing machines have players like IFB, Whirlpool, Samsung, etc. IFB is the high end model of washing machines. They come with a cost, but do offer durable products. Whirlpool has been an old player in this market. They have products in the affordable range and hence still remain in this market. Samsung and others also offer products with similar offerings and price range between IFB & Whirlpool.

Like this, there is a variety of gadgets available in the market. Be sure to do some groundwork before walking into a store to purchase any of them.

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Thursday, Mar 30, 2023