Losing computer files can happen in an instant. You can instantly lose all important files to floods, power surges, and virus attack and without a backup, you will not be able to recover even a single one. Before you end up having regrets, find ways to back up computer files and be worry-free.

Here are simple and easy ways to back up computer files.

Back up your files in CDs and DVDs. One of the best ways to store your files is copying them into CDs and DVDs for storage. You can then categorize and store them by file type. You can also label them for easy identification. If you are storing your favorite movies or games, you can also print and label your CDs or DVDs to make it more identifiable.

You can also use an external hard drive for your file storage needs. What is good about a hard drive is that, it is less bulkier than having lots of CDs or DVDs for all your files and you only need to bring a single hard drive for all your files. It is also portable and can be readily be brought especially if you are traveling.

Another simple and easy way to back up computer files is to store them online in backup services. Most often, this service requires you to pay a fee for the storing of your data, but there are also some sites that allow you to store online for free. What is convenient about storing online is that, you can access your files wherever you are for as long as there is an internet connection.

Another option is to attach them on your emails. Email accounts most often have big capacities and if you want to back up an important file or you want the file to be accessible via the internet wherever you may be, then you can attach it in your email add. Just make sure that your email is secured and safe with an alphanumeric password to make it more secured.

Your USB flash drive is also helpful in storing your files. It can also be a good back up system for your important files as well. Like an external hard drive, it is also very portable but much more convenient than as an external hard drive as it usually comes as a small device.

When you do make backups of your files, you can just copy and paste them into your CDs, DVDs, flash drive, or external hard drive. You can also make use of some backup utilities that is present in some Windows operating systems like the Windows Vista and XP. You just have to access the Control Panel and use the utilities that let’s you back up your files in your computer.

Start with these simple and easy ways to back up computer files. Do not wait that viruses or any other calamities can lose your important files forever. Sometimes we worry too much about protecting our computers from viruses but we don’t backup our files. Aside from thinking about protecting your PC, always make your files secured and always back up computer files.

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Friday, Feb 3, 2023