Once you experienced “No Audio Device” error in your computer that your operating system displays. It indicates that the sound-card you have on your system is not functioning well or it is not installed properly. There might be another reason that the audio card you installed was not properly slotted in or the Motherboard you’re using does not support or your Motherboard is back-dated and obsolete for using the PCI card. Another reason for this trouble may be you have not the specific audio controller.

Troubleshooting is considered the most common error. But there are only few solutions for indecently installed the PCI sound card. At first, the essential step, you should follow is to find out your audio controller that controls your audio system which is a software based driver program. You can go to windows’ start menu, then select Control Panel. Once you entered the Control Panel of your operating system, there would be so many program icons and you should select ‘add/remove hardware’ and run a search for new hardware added recent.

After that your computer will search for newly installed hardware and will prompt for driver disc if you have when purchasing the product. Again there is a default search coped by windows itself (recommended) adjusting your driver. If your operating system fails to find or add the sound card, then roll down sound devices for selecting your desired audio controller. Ensure the audio properties whether or not your device installed properly. When you see, your device is not installed fairly, you’ll see yellow mark highlighting close to device’s name.

Once you have experienced a problem indicating “No Audio Device” error, it nearly all possibly indicates improper installation of your sound card.

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Saturday, Feb 4, 2023