Let me start by saying that as an owner of the previous Kindle Fire, the new Kindle Fire HD is an upgrade in every facet. The screen is truly vibrant, with rich colour saturation and contrast, and the resolution is much higher. This device delivers a much better quality across the board. It has really surpassed my expectations for watching movies and TV shows. The sound from the speakers is remarkable. The quality is very noticeably better. So far I haven’t heard an MP3 or video where I had to strain to hear, and oftentimes I have to back down on the volume; you have to hear it to believe it.

This is the best tablet thus far I have ever used in terms of usability for the touch-like nature of the display. Many other tabs are very particular about how hard you need to press before registering, not with the Kindle Fire HD. I have not had the device register anything false as of yet.

The processor is extremely fast, perfect and smooth. I have not had any lag what so ever with the tablet. I play a lot of games on mine and they all run perfectly. With the original Fire the memory was partitioned but with the new device you can use all the user-available memory for anything you like; books, video, music, photos, etc. That is a huge improvement in my eyes.

The text-to-speech for books is awesome; the voice is a female and sounds much less robotic and computer-like than before. On my old Fire the WIFI was very choppy and difficult to pick up but not on this one. It gets all bars across the house and even out in the yard and plays back very quickly. I am looking forward to trying out Skype on this Kindle to keep in touch with my family, also a very cool feature.

The Micro HDMI works as advertised; you get the exact mirroring of what is displayed on your device, unlike many phones with that feature that only allows certain video apps. For the price you are paying you are getting one heck of a deal on a tablet computer. I was so pleased that this device came ready with Bluetooth enabled. I tested it out by taking it to my car and having the Fire HD stream music through my car stereo. There was not one delay or skip with the connection, and it paired up in less than 30 seconds.

Another thing that has been vastly improved for the Fire HD is the email app in which before you would have to scroll back and forth to read an email, as the text wouldn’t wrap, this is all fixed now and has a very nice interface for viewing and sending emails.

In conclusion I feel that the Fire HD is really what all tablet users have been waiting for. It is solid, performs well, and has a rich set of features. You will not find a better tablet for the price any time soon.

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Thursday, Feb 2, 2023