Before you decide if being a Warrior is for you, check out this article, where I will be discussing the pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses of the Warrior, so you can make an informed decision if this role is best for you.

The Mechanics of the Rift Warrior

The abilities of the Warrior are fuelled by power and attack points.

You power is almost always full (that is, at 100 total power), as it regenerates automatically at around 10 power units per second. Most abilities which consume power generate one attack point. Attack points are really useful and can increase the effectiveness of your power abilities quite considerably when used. You can only have a maximum of 3 attack points in total at any one time, but the good news is that any attack points you have stay with you even if you leave combat, or your change your target.

You can use your attack points with your most power abilities to increase their effectiveness, or to achieve a special effect. The effectiveness of your abilities is increased by having more attack points, so it is best to try and maintain a full charge of 3 attack points at all times if possible.

As a Warrior, you can almost always make use of your abilities, as most of them will expend only around 20 power. However, there is a possibility than if you are involved in a long fight, you may be limited. Having said that, something that simply never happens is running out of power when on a quest, or when leveling up.

Being a Warrior has the advantage that power is almost never an issue, which enables them to use all of their abilities to maximum effect.

Warrior Roles

In Rift, there are 2 principle roles of the Warrior: dealing damage, and tanking; and each role has 4 souls dedicated to it: one soul specializes in tanking several enemies at once, one tanks and buffs allies, one mitigates physical damage, and one mitigates magic damage.

Among all the callings in Rift, none even comes close to the Warrior as far as tanking goes.

Not only are Warriors unsurpassed as far as tanking goes, they can also deal damage. The Paragon has a very impressive list of attacks, and the Riftblade can cast its attacks from range and can mainly deal magic damage.

Of all the damage-dealing classes in Rift, the Paragon is likely to become on of the top ones, with the amount of damage it can do from range, being able to deal up to 80% damage as a Marksman or Mage caster from over 20 yards!

Strengths and Weaknesses of the Warrior Class

Among the greatest strengths of the Warrior calling are dealing damage on single targets and tanking. The Warrior will be a great asset in small group PvP, and even in large scale conflicts, the Warrior’s ranging capabilities could be very useful.

On the downside, the main weakness of the Warrior class is it’s poor self-healing abilities, meaning it is likely to have difficulty in 1-to-1 combat since almost every other calling in Rift has much greater healing abilities than the Warrior.

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