The main aim of this article is to get you producing the ultimate warrior that will have you eating away at the levels in no time.

As a warrior in Rift, you get to choose from 8 separate souls. Each of the souls have their own attributes and downfalls. Although you are able to change your soul at anytime within the game, to enable you to start trashing away at the levels successfully, you need to make the right decision – right from the start.

The way to look at this selection is quite simple. If you want to start your campaign out as a tank – do not pick the defensive souls. You can unlock these at a later stage in the game if you feel the need to tank a Dungeon. You can also change the spec as the game progresses to best suit your needs.

A word of warning – If you choose the tanking option from the start, you will not get very far with the leveling or Questing. I strongly recommend that you choose the following spec if you want to get ahead with leveling.

From the beginning, choose the basic Rift Warrior leveling build with the Champion Class. This will open the doors to the “Bull Rush” this is one of those abilities that will save you countless hours in the long run.

As you charge from monster to monster, you will see why this option is best at this point in the game.

When you gain your first 4 skill points, put them in champion. This will unlock the Soldiers Bearing. For the 5% damage bonus – you might as well take the free damage. Also -as you strength is low from the beginning of the game, due to your poor standard of gear. The +Str talent will not do much. I recommend you to re-spec at a later date in the game and put your points in the Strength talent for now.

As we move on through the game, I recommend that you choose Riftblade for your second soul. This soul is a excellent choice for the low level, low speck player. The main reason for this choice is the way your magic can still deploy a decent amount of damage even if your stats are bad.

Another good benefit of Riftblade is the sheer range of the attacks. This comes in very handy when you need to get your hands dirty on a few Rifts or Invasions. You will be able to take part from a reasonable distance, limit you personnel damage and gain low level experience all at the same time.

As with every mmo game, you have to expect your stats to be low right from the start. The art to a successful campaign is using the most of what you have available at the time. When you stick with it, all of the cool items like, trinkets, helmets, shoulder slot’s etc will come into your possession in no time.

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