Check out the detailed review comparison between Amazon Kindle 3 Vs Nook and Nook color. The concentrates on the key factors and tries to keep out the “junk” that companies push which have no value. Key for any book reader is light weight, good storage, no strain on eyes, good & cheap book collection and superior service. Given all this and the cost, Amazon Kindle 3 fits well in to this bucket.

Nook is more than just a book reader but watch out if you need its extra features & the extra cost.

In short, focus on Kindle 3 if you are looking at a book reader else go for a nook. And where to buy – Amazon is the only retailer to buy Kindle and B&N is the safest place to buy Nook. Kindle Vs Nook is a over hyped comparison, though both seem to fall in the same segment but its more of the traditional Amazon Vs Barnes & Nobles war. Going with Kindle is the sharp choice, but Nook color’s Android system is a temptation.

Kindle beats Nook when it comes to the storage (3GB Vs 2GB), and battery life rocks for Kindle (without WiFi: 1month Vs 10 days). Kindle reader is cheaper by 10 bucks ($139/$189 Vs $149/$199), and when you compare it to the Nook color, which is prices more than $100. The Kindle looks good, sleek and thinner than the Nook, and this is something important for me to consider, esp. since I will be taking it out with me. Kindle is much lighter than the Nook and I love it.

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Wednesday, Feb 1, 2023